love, love, love.

I was bribing her to show me where her pajamas could be found when I saw it. The pasty, creased paper just above the walls smooth surface, tucked as leverage behind the canvas that paralleled the narrow wall beside her father’s closet. The precise spot I had seen that peculiar man staring towards us through the sheet of darkness.

& it baptized me in warmth, sudden revelation of what he may or may not have intentionally done. This place that had once harbored fear & insecurity, covered by the blood sacrifice that was nailed to the cross before us. This fear made obsolete by the power of love.

It was the love note. The hugs that fill the hallways. The naps that claimed the couch. It was the love  that we intentionally pour(ed) out night after night, turning the wrongest of days right. It was this love. This head on your shoulder, warm up my hands, kind of love. This love that covers a multitude of sins.

We cover, love. Because love drives out fear. Fathers drive out insecurity. & this love covers & this love empowers & this love enables our feet to stand unshaken, our heart to remain unstirred. Our Father’s love fills us with this confidence, reminding us whose we are, reminding us of his promises. That his angels will minister to us. That he will always protect us. That he will never leave nor forsake us. That he will never stop doing good to those who love him. That he will never say yes to a situation we are not strong enough to overtake without pointing us to the emergency exit. That the One who is in us is stronger than the one who is in the world. That even his weakness is stronger than our strength. That the enemies only rightful home, only place of belonging, is below our feet.

This love covers, dear heart. Do you feel it? This love brings ease. This love is power. This love heals.

& so with it, we cover, running like a rebellious teen through the city night. Love covering the abandoned like graffiti, covering bitterness neon lights erasing the night. We pray over our enemies. We hug after we fight. We speak truth over broken lies.

That’s what we do. We were created to praise, drowning out the sound of the Liar, shining the image of Christ through the peace & joy he’s bestowed upon us.

Every circumstance, every night sky. Every love note, every heart filled laugh. Every hateful word, every long hard cry. We cover.

It’s your turn, love. Break the silence. Spill your guts.

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