2k16 things.

 I think this is the year of we’re moving. Of God saying alright, my timid children, we’re not going to stand still anymore. Pick up camp and follow me. Look for the pillar of fire that is me and I will guide you. Just follow. We’re moving.


And all of the sudden the desert that has seemed to have its arms barricading us from seeing anything different than its emptiness is going to be filled. Overflowing. And joy will happen as he reveals more of ourselves and himself and how beautiful our partnership can be.


I think God is saying to be bold and fruitful and listen to him and trust him and put that we’re moving sign in our front yard because we aren’t staying here anymore. Plug in the bulbs to illuminate the sign because this isn’t a time to doubt what we think we feel him nudging us towards nor a time to be fearful, wondering if anyone will notice our shift in location.He says we’re moving. That’s that.


And I know in my heart of hearts he’s reading me like a book. I’m cautiously watching behind the yellow tape, wondering if this is just going to be another incomplete plan. Another unfinished business. But he’s taking the backs of his fingers and smoothing out every worry-filled wrinkle. Believe in me, love. Believe in what I say to you. Because before it was just you trying to fill in the gaps with wwjd and guess the right moves. This thing, though, this dream you’ve never escaped. This. This is mine, now.


So we’re moving. And though we still don’t quite know what that looks like we know our sight is not the vision that guides us. Our seeing the big picture is unecessary. We just have to see the pillar of fire, to stare into the flame. We have all spent half a year talking about how we feel it in our bones. That we feel this is where he is taking us. It’s time now. We’re moving.


And I don’t know if you noticed the word timid at the beginning, or if it made your blood boil as you silently tacked your scripture to me, but I couldn’t change it. I’m sorry. But then I would have felt like I was twisting his message. Because I don’t think this is him belittling us, because that is not our God. He is telling us to climb out of our shells, to leave ourselves at the door. Our shy nature, or whatever it is you define yourself as that you hide behind and allow to hinder how much of the spirit you are willing to listen to or act on. This is him pointing out that we were never made to be timid and that isn’t in his plan for us now either. This is him encouraging his bold children to be bold and remain in all he is.

So anyways.

What is he speaking over you for 2016?

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