babies and joyful nights 

so as you may now, my beautiful friend and co founder of this little blog the most lovely Samantha Danks Orengia was growing a little human inside of her belly and she powered through labor and delivered a perfect little boy named Luca on November 4th 2015. 
you guys. 

look at him 

I got the honor of cuddling him and stroking his perfect cheeks and holding his little hand on his second day on Earth. and man, let me tell you how proud I am of my girl Sam. She made one incredible, perfect little boy. 
now comes the hard part

raising them

my boy Caleb just turned two in October. there are days that I feel like I am the worst mom in the world and there are days that I feel like I killed the whole mom game. 
it’s funny because that’s exactly how life works isn’t it?

there are days that I feel like a model Christian woman. I read my devotions first thing, I prayed all through my day, I felt peace and I felt joy and grace. Then there are the days that I barely can get out of bed and I feel frustrated with God and want to desperately focus solely on myself and pretend that God isn’t trying to get my attention. 


what I know from having been a mom to a newborn, and watching my Sam go through it now, it’s the most exhausting and challenging thing you can go through. The constant worry of the wellbeing of such a tiny helpless life, the sleepless nights, the days filled with tears and laundry and bad TV and newborn cries. But in every single one of those challenging moments, there is the joy overflowing from love when you look at that tiny baby. 

apply that to every situation in your life. no matter what, keep the love, joy and grace we get from our incredible Savior at the center. 

keep going strong. you got this. 

life is gonna be rough and you’ll struggle and fall. but it’s not forever and it certainly does not define you. 

search out the joy in each moment. 

and congratulate Sam and Donny on their utterly perfect little prince!!

It’s your turn, love. Break the silence. Spill your guts.

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