tuesdays with the girls

On Tuesdays, we gather in my living room. Some girls sit on each others laps, leaning into each other as we talk. Some gather on the floor with a bowl of popcorn.

We’ve grown comfortable with each other these days, conversations following bunny trails more often than I might like to imagine, laughing over each other’s stories, listening when its hard.

We’ve survived family loss, celebrated birthdays, & we’ve loved. We’re learning this thing. The more we gather, the more we grow another home. Another place we belong. We’re learning each other. We’re loving.

Yesterday I was driving to pick Allie up from school & I was thinking about that day when the clouds break open, the trumpet sounds, & we see Jesus. Holy Spirit reminded me of the radiance of Jesus.

He will be radiant. He will steal the show of the sun by his brilliance.

He’ll make the sun look dim by comparison.

That thought alone I could sit in forever. Because the sun…
well the sun lives in beast mode all the time. If I had to think of something with authority & brilliance on earth, I’d think of the sun.

& to think the Son’s light has even more brilliance & power & authority.

Rest in that for a second. Close your eyes & completely visualize it.

So then we go to the transfiguration, where at the top of a mountain, Jesus’ appearance becomes radiant like this & a great cloud (God), Elijah, & Moses are all present.

It happened to Moses on a separate occasion after talking with God & they had to put a veil over his face because it was so bright.

& to think that his face looked like that after a short time with God.
I wonder what it looks like in comparison now.

Obviously, those are my thoughts, not factual that he’s now a billion times brighter or something. But with that alone, thinking about how it happened to Jesus & knowing that we are clothed in him. That a light so bright transcended his flesh in the presence of the Father. & so we saw the light, but what happened in the spiritual that we couldn’t see?

There is power that comes in the presence of the Father.
Things change, love. We shine because we become less about ourselves & more about him.

You know the saying you are who you hang out with?

It is so important to make time for Him. To dig into the word & allow His light to glow through us.

& here’s the kicker: Sometimes I know you walk away not feeling different. Not feeling like it ‘worked’. But just because their faces were shining didn’t mean their faces felt different in that moment, & just because they didn’t feel different doesn’t mean they weren’t.

Ya feel me?

Let’s keep showing up when we don’t feel it. Let’s make more effort to give Him our time over other things. Let’s believe that things are shifting until we see it.

Help our unbelief, Lord.

It’s your turn, love. Break the silence. Spill your guts.

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