The Belonging: Tuesdays

When our Tuesday group first started, I didn’t know what to expect. Somedays, when my faith was wavering & I was looking at the facts laid out in front of me, I was shaken & doubtful. Because the facts said you only know about two girls & you think this is going to bring girls out of the woodwork? The facts said you know none of these girls parents… so why are they going to drive their daughters to drop them off at your house? The facts said you haven’t finished that prerequisite class at church you started that is supposed to be complete before you teach! (I am a total rule follower. I want to pretend I’m a rebel but really breaking rules & the potential reprimand will keep me up at night.) Every “fact” told me to back out. The facts asked, “Who do you even think you are?”

That first night, I can’t remember any exact number, but if I had to guess I’d say there were twelve of us. I remember calling my mom SO excited week after week because these girls were coming back & they thought I was funny & they listened to what I said & actually soaked it in! I remember one time when we took one of our outings as a group, having girls piling out of cars. I want to say there were 22 girls that day. & so here’s where I’m going with this:

I am not numbering the girls, as if they’re some personal achievement. I’m not just trying to grow our group. Its honestly never been my intension. But on the flip side of the coin, it does matter to a certain degree, & there are two reasons why (so many lists today, I know).

The purpose of our Tuesday studies are simple: to raise them up & do that in unity.

We raise them up, trying to encourage them to dig in their word & encourage them to lead, while also building relationships, uprooting labels, differences, & comparisons—all to create a solid friendship foundation. If we are trying to cultivate a true sisterhood, an everyone-has-a-place mentality, then we should be producing fruit of that. We should be growing by number., because I am aware that these girls aren’t the only ones in the church & in the community in this age group. We should be fighting to bridge the gaps & welcome others in & love on them. Its just that simple.

The other reason these numbers matter is because I want to point out something God highlighted for me last week: there aren’t minorities in the body of Christ.

We all need Him the same.

In the beginning of all this, after stepping out & saying we were going to do this conference, it was brought to my attention that our church doesn’t really have many that fall into this age group. So a majority of people would be coming from other churches. That translated to: Sam, you have committed to finding hundreds of girls in a small age bracket to come to a two day event. & I was immediately able to see the whole picture of wha I had just committed to & it. Shook. Me. If I let the emotions that realization take hold of the game plan, we’d be shrinking the plan from a conference to a sleepover party. The thought was so overwhelming because it hit me in all its fullness that I just said yes to God’s plan when the only girls in that moment I could bank on showing up were the eight or so that show up every Tuesday. Thats a pretty big growth spurt to account for.

But we walk in faith & baby steps, right? & after making an announcement at church one Sunday about the vision for the conference & setting up shop by the doors of the church the past month, here is what I know: this was never my vision. I know we hear it a lot when talking about The Belonging, I hear & see my name brought up a lot. I can’t pretend I haven’t ever had moments where I freaked out wondering if only five people were going to show up to this whole conference. But. I can’t tell you the amount of people who have called, messaged, & approached because they know someone they would love to see become a part of this whole thing. & that is confirmation.

There is a need, friends.

A lot of times I think we don’t do anything because we convince ourselves that nothing needs done. That others are or have already taken care of it. We wonder what we could even bring to the table that others could benefit from. & if this is you right now, I want you to read carefully. Soak this in, screenshot it for every moment you want go silent & remain inactive & ignore the voice asking for your yes.

You are a gift. You have a place in the body of Christ. A place that can’t be swallowed up by someone greater than you. & you don’t need a great fancy diploma, you don’t need to have the largest brain in the room, & you don’t have to have a certain personality type. You can do this! You don’t need people to believe in you, because whether they believe in you or not, God says that His anointing is enough— that it will teach you & ready your feet. What people think of you is none of your business. But you know what is? God. & He says you’re going to do this in boldness covered in my anointing because you are chosen for this & you have a place in this & I love you.

& thats all that matters.

It’s your turn, love. Break the silence. Spill your guts.

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