Pretty, Holy Bows.

The Lord has been wrapping everything together.

I see Him tying individual prayer and study time to small group meeting conversations to text messages between friends to the passionate fire consuming His peoples hearts to the scriptures we meditate on, waking in the morning to hear reverberating in our hearts.

Can you feel it? Have you seen it? He isn’t leaving anything untouched and He is bringing His body into unity under the head.

The body isn’t your local church body. The body isn’t your solo congregation. The body isn’t only about the faces you know.

The head isn’t your pastor. The head isn’t our president. The head isn’t the director of whatever organization you belong to.

The body of Christ was never meant to be divided, and our Father is saying,

Can these dry bones live?

He is breathing His holy breath of fire upon His church. Can you feel the fire? Can you feel the flame?

He is breaking the walls of denomination and divisions. He is calling His bride forth. He is calling His bride to come to Him, bringing us out of buildings and gathering His beautiful, sacred, pure bride.

He is restoring, reviving, and transforming us by His words as He calls us forth. This is who you are church. Beautiful. Sacred. Pure.

The Father showed me a small glass container of oil, filled to the brim with thick oil. As it was tipped, I was disappointed at first because the oil wasn’t just forming an immediate droplet. It was coming out around the ring, gathering. Then, after the flat layer of oil gathered, the oil came together and dropped.

This is a gathering. This is the season we are in.

And this is not hopeless, friend.

I know you see the list you’ve been praying for going untouched. I know you see everyone being touched around you and you say ‘what about me, God?’ I know you feel isolated as He’s preparing you alone while the others seem to be on the same trail while you have a bad case of FOMO. I know it appears things have fallen through and it’s not going to work out after all.

I know what it looks like, friend.

But we can’t trust appearances. Hagar had given up looking for water for her and her son on their journey to a new home, left her son under a bush to die, and went to throw her back against a tree where she wouldn’t have to watch her son die of thirst, sobbing and defeated. But the Lord opened her eyes because there was a well there.

The well is here, church, and this is a gathering, and we know what comes after the gathering.

“Our God is a consuming fire.” God and fire are inseparable; so are men and fire… The prophet Moses was called by fire. Elijah called down fire. Elisha made a fire. Micah prophesied fire. John the Baptist cried, ‘He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire.’ Jesus said, ‘I am come to send fire on earth.’…” -Leonard Ravenhill, Why Revival Tarries

Father, Set our hearts ablaze for you! We don’t want casual anymore. We hunger and thirst for your unity. We want to meet the desires of your heart! Give us new vision. Restore our hope as you increase our faith. Let us cry out with an obedient yes before we know the assignment. Breathe on your church! Four winds, blow! Bring us beyond the rattling. Bring us beyond the gathering. Renew our minds to walk as you’ve called your bride! We want to burn for you, Lord, our God.

2 responses to “Pretty, Holy Bows.”

  1. Amos 1:7: “So I will send a fire upon the wall of Gaza, and it shall devour her strongholds.”

    It is the Holy Ghost Fire that destroys demonic strongholds in our bodies and it is the Holy
    Ghost Fire that destroys strongholds in the heavenlies. On earth as it is in Heaven.

    1. On earth as it is in heaven. Let it be so, Lord.

      Thanks for reading, Tim!

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