My husband commented on my post from part two, because he is a good follower and knows I will probably make sure he read it with a pop quiz by the night’s end. But those of you who know my husband also know that my husband plays devil’s advocate to everything under the sun. What more fitting way for him to comment on my post than to voice his equal concern for the obesity rate we now see in America.


So here’s the grand finale. My response to my husband who has yet to learn that I am always right.


To those who voice equal concern for the rising obesity rate in America:


Hi friends, good to know you care about other’s health and how great America looks from the outside. Here is the important thing, though: If a person wants help, they will come to you.


Telling people how fat they are by puffing out your cheeks and making remarks about how many donuts they eat or whatever stereotype you feel like grasping at is more than likely not going to make someone decide to go lose weight for the right reasons, nor in a healthy manner. Cruelty is not going to make America great again.


Do I think there are people fit for the job of helping people be there best physical self? Yes, and here is why. God gives everyone gifts, one of which the gift of encouragement. Encouragement is a great positive way to cheer people on to become the best versions of themselves. But I think its safe to say everyone in the United States of America does not have this gift. Sure, some do, but not all of us.


A lot of people on social media use the platform for business now days, many of which aiming to increase awareness of healthy choices and holistic approach from everyday issues to life threatening illness. Along with application of many of these products comes the result of weight loss.


These people are great examples of people who want to help the situation through awareness, giving people the power of knowledge. I have never seen any of them rise to make people take their products by bringing shame into it. Who would use their products if they did?


So what is so different when a skinny blonde girl creates a You Tube video for ‘fat’ people where she’s all hey fat people, and puffs her cheeks out. Are they supposed to want to be like her? No thanks.


The rising obesity rate, if our conscious is concerned, should be a family lifestyle change. These parents should step in and tell their children we are all not going to be part of the statistic. We are going to teach you better, healthier habits. Then, these parents can follow through with it in their home. But other than being encouragers through raising awareness to healthier options, its not their place to say who can weigh what. If someone is content with their size and overweight, are you going to start protesting with shaming and hateful words to try to get them to feel the same way you do about their ‘fat’ body? Why not be happy with them that they could be at peace within themselves and have, in their mind, more significant things on their priority list? Why does their size hurt you so much?


Here is my final thought you will hear about this, for now at least. God says to keep our minds on higher things, like Christ and that kind of thing. To die to self and let the Christ in us arise. For some of us, this means being in the best shape of our lives. But you can’t put your conscious on other people. Because for me, I think I would be best letting Christ arise in my life if I thought about my figure, what I will wear, and what brand make up I can no longer afford a little less. Making my mind captive to Christ isn’t to me letting the amount of calories in a day, whether great nor small, hold any meaning in my mind, making me feel happy nor sad. I want to have the mind of Christ, whom I’m convinced will give you a conscious for something if he truly thinks something you are doing isn’t okay because he says he will change our hearts desires, I am going to try my hardest to forget my size and forget yours. I’m going to try to have his eyes. We Jesus lovers pray that often, don’t we? Give me your eyes, God. And I think the moral of all three of these posts is that I don’t think when God looks at us he sees our rolls, our leggings that are vacuuming into our butt crack, or our stretch marks because our body is holding more of us than our skin was prepared for.

It’s your turn, love. Break the silence. Spill your guts.

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