Not so random breakthrough surprise parties.

When God is doing incredible things, we praise.
When God appears to be stealthily tip-toeing around in camouflage by the silence that seems to be boring the crap out of our prayer life, we stay. We praise.

Some times my prayers are more of me pleading “give me focus here as I try to keep my brain awake for this”. I feel bad saying it, because it is not that God bores me. He is thee most fascinating. But sometimes, the world is pure chaos & I try to sit in my chaotic mind & pray at the same time. But here is what I noticed:

When my prayers used to “get boring”/“I had other things I really wanted to do but wanted to have perfect attendance on my prayer life”, I used to allow them to fall short. Oh, categorize these people, lose some friends so you don’t feel obligated to pray for them, talk really fast & if Holy Spirit interrupts you to make this an actual two way conversation in which he knows a couple of other people who actually really are going through things & need the power of prayer you write them down for tomorrows prayer because *mic drop* give me peace God, IM OUT.

But this past time my prayer routine went through a dry spurt, I chose to ride it out. I stayed in for the long run, asking God to give me focus when my mind was time traveling. & here is what He is teaching me:


Breakthroughs only come from staying.

*insert standing ovation, here*
Break throughs only come from staying.

I am not telling you to stay with your abusive boyfriend, here. I’m telling you to boldly walk out that front door & slam it behind you, girl. Let me here your footsteps while you are making it happen. But once you say to yourself, “you are bigger, you are better, you are brighter”, once you decide to walk out that door, I am asking you to stay gone to give the God of breakthroughs a real, wholehearted chance. When he calls your phone and your best friends until the phones are shut off, thirty seven missed calls later. When he texts you those sweet three worded phrases, I-love-yous, I-miss-yous and I-can’t-sleeps. When Facebook notifies you that he posted a picture of his date last night.



Stay gone.

When your prayers are unfocused & pure chaos & you are simply trying to love on God but it seems He ‘doesn’t want to talk now, k’, keep talking about everything and anything and keep asking Him to reel you back in, and stay. Keep asking for what you desperately need to happen before everything comes unglued.

Breakthroughs are exactly that— a break through, which takes pushing & waiting & remaining.

Stay, love. Keep trying and keep the faith you’ve got and pray for even more, so that you might not only believe that God is doing the unseen but that you can be confident that He is playing the God-role well. Stay so you can be there for the surprise part, where every effort you haven’t seen but still has all the more happened comes together before your eyes in a big explosion of people screaming surprise in your face. Or maybe not the last part. But still.


“He who did not spare His own Son but gave Him up for us all, how will He not also with Him graciously give us all things?”
Romans 8:32

It’s your turn, love. Break the silence. Spill your guts.

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