On your wedding day.

The most fun, full of life girl got married last weekend & it was such a beautiful day, from beginning to end.

So when I was simply writing out my stereotypical Instagram post with all sorts of pictures of our faces through out the years to post on her wedding day, and I couldn’t stop writing, I realized maybe its time to give her the blog post she’s been asking me for, where I write about how awesome she is & how much I love her. But then…  I wrote it & found out we were, indeed giving the matron of honor & best man speeches. So, a couple days later, here I share with you my letter-turned-speech to my best friend.

I love you, Sar.


To the most incredible sister a girl could ask for,

Remember the last wedding we were at? Yep, it was mine, and you wouldn’t be the maid of honor because you didn’t think your pregnant self would fit on stage. You didn’t want your swollen ankles to distract from my big day. But really it was mostly because what seven month pregnant girl wants to stand on stage in front of a crowd, let alone wobble down an isle while everyone watches. But you were there with me all day. You never left my side, while we did what pregnant girls do, sitting in the food court munching on some Auntie Annes.

And now, I get to be there for you on one of the biggest days of your life, and get to bring your son down the isle on your wedding day, an honor just as big to me as standing beside you with the tissues while you choke out your vows.

I can still remember hugging your crumpled self on the bedroom floor, finding you broken into so many pieces over the wrong people, people who didn’t deserve a drop of your heart, leaving me to come in with the glue & try to heal all the wounds & pretend what they did to you was something I could fix.

But if you want to cry today you can cry all day because Ryan is worth every drop of your happy heart. He is worth your time & tears & love. He is worth your broken. He doesn’t leave your heart mangled & he doesn’t leave me to step in with my super glue. He doesn’t leave your hurt for me to have to come & pull you back together. He holds your heart.

And I am not saying he won’t disappoint you, or be perfect, or let you down, because God alone is the perfect soulmate. But Ryan is for you, from God, & that’s what I’m sure of. You will be loved, protected, & safe. & I will cry because I can throw the glue away, never having to save your heart from the selfish boys who take what they want & leave the rest.

You remember the time you cried in our shared bed, telling me you were just thinking about if something happened to me & you couldn’t breathe over it because you loved me so much? I love you that much and I am so thankful that you are my sister, & that God has sent a man who will love you how you deserve to be loved.


It’s your turn, love. Break the silence. Spill your guts.

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