You are big, you are big, you are big.

Seek first His kingdom & His righteousness.

Matthew 6:33

We are in the season of building. Not a house, but a people. Maybe a house, if you’re referring to refining these edges & making the house of God a little more concrete. Cementing the cracks, telling the stones smaller in stature, ‘Hey, you can’t go anywhere either. Your size isn’t your significance. You are important. You move, & there’s a hole in us.’

There are so many cracks. Have you ever noticed? Its something God has opened my eyes to lately. Not only is their a mission for the poor, the orphans, the lost. There are people within our body that don’t know who they are. That don’t know how big they are. That don’t know that on the other side of their fears & struggles is a harvest. People right under our noses. & they don’t know.

I’ve recently started pulling together some of the small stones. Telling them they are big. Reminding them that when they are cemented together they can grow higher & hold each other up. Whispering that when they all strive to be one, they don’t have to be lonely. Open your hands. Feel the love, feel the love, feel the love. Now close those hands & carry it with you. Its yours & its theirs. Remind them, too.

Is there anything more beautiful than seeing a small stone who knows that they have the authority to take down giants? A small stone who looks at other small stones, & whispers over them how big they are until they believe it. A small stone who knows that when everyone else knows who they are, too, we all get higher.

So God has placed these new found relationships in my care. & I am in the process of the how to. How do I speak your words Lord without sounding like a mom? How do I flourish a friendship but also be a mentor? Where are the walls, Lord? When aren’t there any? Getting a group of young girls together is harder than you think. Trying to fuse them together can be even harder. So how do we do it, friends? How do we know what to say & when & how to say it?

We seek Him first. We put Christ over our relationships. Every one.

Is it really that simple? Yes.

One of the small stones showed up in tears. Another small stone tried to define her to others & say she wasn’t big. So, as anyone who is a mother can imagine, I was ready to defend. Ready to attack. Ready to fight for these small stones that I love. But I knew if I wanted this relationship that God had blessed me with to last, I needed to speak with His wisdom. & so I prayed, & you know what happened? He spoke, & I was able to encourage that small stone to cling to that cement holding her in her place. You aren’t a small stone. You are big. Its not about winning. Its about being at peace so we can keep building & doing what matters.

I’ve always been a control freak, especially when it comes to relationships. God gives me relationships & I’m like ‘wow God thanks this is so cool now DON’T TAKE IT AWAY ITS MINE’. I want to be what everyone needs & I want to not lose them at whatever the cost. But once I learned to seek Him first in every relationship, every conflict, every conversation, he has shown me how to empathize without gossiping, how to fight for people without attacking others. He has renewed my mind & heart, & he’s starting with the small stones.

It’s your turn, love. Break the silence. Spill your guts.

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